Dalstrong Announces Partnership with C-CAP

C-CAP student prepares a line of meals

Dalstrong Announces Partnership with C-CAP

Donation of 1,200 knives to support underserved teens on culinary career paths

Dalstrong has donated 200 professional chef knives to Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) and has committed to donate 1,000 more in 2021. A workforce development nonprofit that provides underserved teens a pathway to jobs, C-CAP provides culinary, job, and life skills to middle and high school kids across the United States. A thirty-one-year-old organization striving to help further food and social justice, equity, and inclusion, they have grown to 150 schools across six chapters in New York, Los Angeles, Arizona, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. To date, they’ve served 350,000 students and awarded $62 million in scholarships.

In addition to providing culinary and wellness curriculum and partnerships, C-CAP’s integrated approach to employment in the food sector includes internships and apprenticeships, work opportunities, mentorships with industry leaders, college advising, career advancement through a robust alumni network, and facilitated product and food donations from committed partners. 

“One of the exceptional things C-CAP does for the 15,000 underserved students we work with is to provide a pathway to higher education with the opportunity to win scholarships,” says Executive Director Tanya Steel. “And with the pandemic, many of our students have had to attend school virtually, which has made it harder for them to practice for the scholarship competitions,” says Los Angeles Program Director Lisa Fontanesi. “Dalstrong has provided our competitors with the ability to compete with the finest knives available. We and the competitors are so indebted to Dalstrong for their generous contribution.”

Dalstrong CEO David Dallaire is steadfast in his support of C-CAP and supporting students on their career paths. “Our passion for the culinary industry transcends every level. From product innovation to the love of food prep, our business is about breaking barriers and expectations. We want to inspire these young chefs to reach for the stars, and do whatever we can to help them get there. We want all aspiring chefs to know there are no limits.” 

Dalstrong is an industry-leading professional knife, cookware, and culinary accessory company with over 450,000 customers worldwide. Dalstrong seeks to turn a stale industry on its head by providing the highest quality tools to both home cooks and professionals alike. Its mission is to create best-in-class culinary products and a community of passionate, lifelong fans. 

C-Cap student holding Dalstrong product box that was awarded to her
Recent C-CAP student Katie Weist shows off her Dalstrong Crusader Series  as she embarks on her culinary journey.

Who is Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP)?

What started out as an experiment with a handful of high school students from twelve New York City high schools thirty years ago has turned into a culinary education nonprofit that serves 15,000 students annually across 150 public high schools and 127 teachers. French cookbook author Richard Grausman wanted to instill a love of home cooking in young people, particularly in underserved inner-city schools. Recognizing that education wasn’t enough — that these youth needed job skills to prepare them for a bright future — he created a path from inspiration to careers in professional kitchens. 

Since its inception, C-CAP has served hundreds of thousands of students and provides ongoing support for career advancement in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Providing beginning-to-end resources through a holistic process, C-CAP focuses on the entire journey of taking kids from high school classrooms to jobs in the culinary industry. Its mission encompasses cooking competitions for scholarships, teacher support, college advising, job training and internships, continuous career guidance through an extensive alumni network, and product donations. 

Meet the Students of C-CAP

Quintin Adams (class of 2020) 

Quintin received a $2,000 scholarship from C-CAP after graduating from high school. He knew he wanted to go to culinary school, but wanted to get some solid work experience under his belt first. This opportunity gives him the ability to do both. With up to  five years to use the scholarship, he can take advantage of C-CAP’s management apprenticeship program and gain the hands-on experience he needs to maximize his culinary education. 

Emerson Majano (class of 2020)

Emerson says that C-CAP has given him the opportunity to bring health and happiness to his community. Through consistent, dedicated support, he has been able to receive the ongoing training he needs to accomplish his dreams. 

Nadia Montague (class of 2018)

For first-generation college student Nadia Montague (class of 2018), C-CAP has been critical to her and her family. She discovered C-CAP as a junior in high school when she was awarded an internship to work in her first industrial kitchen. Later she received a partial scholarship to the Art Institute of Virginia Beach where she just graduated with her associates degree. She says that beyond the educational opportunities, C-CAP is still opening doors for her as she starts her career.

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Written by Abby Slate

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Dalstrong Announces Partnership with C-CAP

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