About Us

Our Story

Professional kitchens are hidden spaces filled with passion, rage, pain, euphoria, and innovation that few people ever see. There’s a fire that burns within chefs, pitmasters, and line cooks as they try to keep pace with relentless demand, always pushing themselves and each other for greatness. No part of the team can lag or falter. Each plate has to be better than the last one. Nothing less than the best is acceptable.

The Beginning

Inspiration and Quality

Our Belief

Meet the Team

That same energy that ignited our company — scrappy, unrelenting, hungry, laser-focused — is still what fuels us today. What started as a one-person show funding our first knife orders on credit card debt has now grown to a fierce global team, relentlessly driven to make a mark in the culinary world. People who believe in their ability to shape and change the world around them through our products, our creativity, and our community.  It’s never being satisfied or content with what we’ve done. We don’t pat ourselves on the back. We don’t rest. We’re never done learning, growing, optimizing, pushing the boundaries on design and functionality. We’re always planning our next move.