Fillet Knives

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The Dalstrong Gladiator Series 7” fillet knife has been carefully designed to ensure de-boning, de-scaling,  filleting, skinning, trimming and butterflying all your favorite fish and poultry is eas...
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The Shogun Series 6” curved fillet knife is masterfully engineered for filleting, skinning, deboning, de-scaling, trimming and butterflying all your favorite fish and poultry.  The narrow blade cur...
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The Gladiator Series 6” Fillet knife is an exceptionally designed culinary warrior ready to fillet, de-bone, de-scale, trim and butterfly all manner of fish and poultry.  The ultra-sharp 2.0mm thin...
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The Frost Fire Series – a collection of light-weight, razor-sharp, knives with an icy cold look, and fiery effective performance. Built for the modern chef who appreciates meticulously crafted, pr...
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