Cleaver Hybrid Chef&
Cleaver Hybrid Chef&
Cleaver Hybrid Chef&
Cleaver Hybrid Chef&
Cleaver Hybrid Chef&
Cleaver Hybrid Chef&

Cleaver Hybrid Chef's Knife 8" | Crixus | Delta Wolf Series | Dalstrong ©

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A Delta Wolf fighter is always at the cutting edge. With the Crixus knife, the latest technology meets outstanding craftsmanship for an innovative blade that combines the best aspects of both a classic chef’s knife and a cleaver. Whether you’re honing in on your target to slice with precision, or ready to chop down with maximum force, this high-carbon steel has both the strength and the finesse for the task at hand. The curved lines of its blade — hand-sharpened to 8-12°— make slicing meats with military precision second nature, while the weighted front end gives you the necessary heft to cleave through bone and sinew. 

To maximize efficiency and increase endurance, the onyx-black Titanium Nitride reduces friction and adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion. To keep things clean in messy situations, a blood groove runs down the full length of the spine to channel away extra liquids while working. The midnight camouflage G10 handle completes the package, adding the rugged style and stability you need to move with confidence through every kitchen. Triple-riveted with a triangular Delta force clasp on the handle, you can display the knife magnificently on a kitchen peg or hook. The included leather sheath with snap closure protects your blade on the go. 

The Blade: 

  •  8" Precision forged, ultra-sharp, wear-resistant blade 
  •  Single-piece, high-carbon steel at 60° Rockwell Hardness
  •  Edge is painstakingly hand sharpened to 8-12°
  •  Sophisticated and stylish titanium coating 
  •  Precisely tempered
  •  Tapered design for hardness and flexibility
  •  Stain resistant 
  •  Full tang for incredible robustness & quality 
  •  Cleans easily for low maintenance

The Handle: 

  •  Extremely durable G10 camouflage handle
  •  Structurally sturdy + strong impact resistance to withstand even the most   vigorous slicing, dicing, and cutting
  •  Resistant to both extreme hot and cold temperatures for long-term durability
  •  High-tensile strength for maximum stability under rigorous action
  •  Shock absorbance for added endurance, comfort, and grip
  •  Superior scratch-resistant material maintains polished, glossy finish
  •  Triple-riveted for maximum  durability
  •  Withstands erosion from chemicals, acids, or harsh conditions
  •  Sanitary build  —  perfect for busy kitchen


  • Delta Wolf Series 8" Crixus Cleaver Hybrid Knife
  • PU Leather Sheath
  • Neatly Packed with Dalstrong’s Renowned Packaging