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Two bread rolls next to a blue kitchen towel and a stainless steel bread knife on a dark surface

The 7 Best Bread Knives in 2022

  1. The Frost Fire Series 8" Bread Knife
  2. Crusader Series 8" Bread Knife - NSF Certified
  3. Omega Series 9" Bread Knife
  4. Phantom Series 9" Serrated Bread Knife
  5. Shogun Series 10.25" Bread Knife
  6. Gladiator Series 10" Serrated Bread Knife
Circular loaf of bread on a cutting board next to a bread knife on a dark surface

Phantom Series 9" Serrated Bread Knife

Okay, so you just went and baked yourself a glorious loaf of sourdough bread. Pretty impressive, huh? Now, there’s only one problem, bud: you don’t have a bread knife on your knife block (facepalm emoji).

While considered an essential part of any professional chef’s knife collection, the serrated knife, or bread knife, often gets overlooked by the non-initiated. In truth, these saw-toothed beauties are part of the Holy Trinity of kitchen knives along with its more famous siblings: the chef’s knife and the paring knife.

And even though it’s called a bread knife for a reason -- its saw-like, jagged sharp edge can perfectly cut the bread crust and smoothly make its way through its spongy interior -- the serrated knife is far from a one- trick pony. Needless to say, its versatility goes way beyond the world of bread making - vegetables, cakes, French pastries, fruits, and the list goes on and on.  

Whether you’re trying to impress a date with your impeccable bread slicing skills or you’re whipping up a sandwich as a late-night snack at 4 in the morning, the bread knife will come in handy as you advance in your path towards becoming a culinary scholar.

But which one should you choose? In a sea of options, we’re here to give you the lowdown on the best bread knives out there and how to pick the right one for you. 


  1. What Knife Is Best For Cutting Bread?
  2. What To Look For In A Bread Knife
  3. The 7 Best Bread Knives
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Knife Is Best For Cutting Bread

Dark Brown Bread Loaf On a Light Cutting Board Next To A Serrated Bread Knife

Shogun Series 10.25" Bread Knife

This one’s a no-brainer - a bread knife is pretty much the only choice when it comes to cutting and slicing everything from baguettes to a crusty loaf of sourdough. Their serrated edge can easily pierce through the crust while the gullets (the space in between the “teeth”) help keep the knife stable and reduce the friction, producing a cleaner, more effective cut without tearing or ripping the bread.

That said, it’s important to mention that bread knives come with different serration types and the number and shape of the knife’s teeth will greatly influence the outcome. 

Here are some key details to consider on your quest to finding the best bread knife:

  • Pointed serrations are more aggressive and will work well with a hard crust but you’ll also be left with more crumbs and a rougher cut. They also require less pressure from the user. They’re pretty much the only option when it comes to slicing and cutting crusty bread. Check out how to sharpen serrated knives here. 
  • Knives with rounded serrations may demand a little bit more effort on your side but they offer a more consistent cut and, according to experts, they generally stay sharper for longer periods of time.
  • The number of teeth, or TPI (teeth per inch), plays a great role in your knife’s performance. Knives with a lower number of teeth will generally produce rougher results.
  • The space between the teeth, also referred to as “gullet,” determines the smoothness of the cut. Basically, the higher the gullet, the cleaner your cut will be.
  • Knife blade shape should also be taken into account. A curved blade will give you more control over the cutting and slicing process and better knuckle clearance, preventing you from hitting your fingers against the cutting board. 
  • Regarding blade length, bread knives usually range from 8 to 11 inches. In general, longer knives will require less back-and-forth action, allowing you to effortlessly cut large items like artisan loaves, watermelons, or turkey. On the other hand, shorter knives are a bit easier to maneuver and ideal for people with small hands.
  • These days, most bread knives are made of stainless steel. If you take your bread slicing seriously, you might wanna look for a high carbon stainless steel blade - they’re tougher and they last a lot more.

2. What To Look For In A Bread Knife

Sliced loaf of bread on a dark surface next to a small portion of butter and a stainless steel bread knife

Crusader Series 8" Bread Knife - NSF Certified

Generally speaking, there are a couple of factors to consider when choosing your next bread knife:


The secret for optimal bread-cutting and slicing performance is finding a bread knife with both pointed serration and a higher gullet. More aggressive serrations help the knife cut through hard surfaces and the gullets help reduce friction, producing a cleaner, smoother cut with minimal crumbliness. Usually, these types of knives will outperform the ones with scalloped edges, which offer a gentler cut but require a little more strength to do the job.


Like we mentioned before, bread knives range from 8 to 11 inches. Based on blade length alone, longer knives will fare better with larger items such as a big loaf of crusty bread, roasted meats, and tough fruits like watermelon or pineapple. Shorter knives might not be able to cut said items in one slice but they’ll definitely be easier to maneuver for people with smaller hands. With that in mind, we think the ideal blade length should fall somewhere between 9 and 10inch bread knife. 


The first thing you should know is that there isn’t a ton of options when it comes to shape. The most common blade shapes are either straight or curved but you’ll also find offset bread knives with the blade below the handle. While the majority of the knives out there have a straight blade, most serrated knife connoisseurs tend to stick to the curved shape because it offers better knuckle clearance and overall versatility.


Serrated knives have a reputation of being hard to sharpen and some people will dispose of them as soon as they go dull. And while that might not be entirely false for some inexpensive products, the truth is, a high-quality bread knife doesn’t need to be sharpened as often as, say, a Santoku knife. 

However, if you think your bread knife needs a do-over, you can check out our detailed guide on how to sharpen a serrated knife here

If you’re a bread aficionado, you might’ve heard a thing or two about the Wusthof Classic Bread Knife, the MAC Superior Bread Knife, mercer culinary or even the Shun Classic. And while those are all valid options, we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box. That’s why we came up with this resourceful guide of forward-thinking, bread-slicing products to help you pick the best bread knife for your collection. That's why you can't go wrong with a Dalstrong bread knife. 

3. The 7 Best Bread Knives

Several sliced loafs of bread next to raw seeds and stems on a wooden floor

Phantom Series 9" Serrated Bread Knife

1. The Frost Fire Series 8" Bread Knife

The Frost Fire Series 8" Bread Knife

A part of Dalstrong’s The Frost Fire Series, this stunning 8” bread knife has both the looks and the feel of a modern work of art. Made of 7-layer high-carbon, high-chromium 10CR15MOV steel with added cobalt, its razor-sharp, non-stick blade will make the entire bread slicing process feel like a breeze. Add an elegant ergonomic white resin handle and a sleek “frosted” finish, and you’ve got yourself a superior bread knife with flawless aesthetics.


  • Unparalleled design.
  • Non-stick sandblast finish.
  • Lightweight yet robust.


  • Its blade is a bit shorter than other Dalstrong bread knives .

2. Shadow Black Series 9" Bread Knife - NSF Certified

Shadow Black Series 9" Bread Knife - NSF Certified

If we’re talking visually striking knives, then we need to bring up the Shadow Black Series 9” Bread Knife. With its muscular design and pitch-black hand-polished satin finish blade, this bread knife is the culinary equivalent of a fashion statement. Constructed with high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X super-steel with an added vacuum heat treatment at 58+ HRC, its serrated blade is completed with an ergonomic, military grade G10 handle with anti-slip properties that perfectly suits any grip style, making this a fantastic bread slicer. 


  • State-of-the art design.
  • Non-stick, non-reflective titanium-nitride coating prevents corrosion.
  • Its tall blade gives you enough knuckle clearance for chopping and slicing.


  • The black satin finish might be a bit of a turnoff for lovers of the traditional-style bread knives.

3. Crusader Series 8" Bread Knife - NSF Certified

Crusader Series 8" Bread Knife - NSF Certified

Sporting a modern, minimalist all-steel design that instantly recalls medieval swords, the Crusader Series 8" Bread Knife is a must have for any bread enthusiast. Its ThyssenKrupp German stainless steel serrated blade is meticulously honed to 16-18° for maximum edge retention, allowing for an effortless sharpening process. In addition, the blade seamlessly transitions into a hand-polished, ergonomic high chromium handle that adds to the cohesiveness of the piece. Slice away!


  • Hand-polished satin finish blade.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Cleans easily.


  • Compared to other similar Dalstrong bread knives on this list, this one’s a bit shorter.
  • The handle is unique, and some people prefer a traditional solid wooden handle. 

 4. Omega Series 9" Bread Knife

Omega Series 9" Bread Knife

Featuring ultra-premium American forged BD1N-VX hyper steel honed at 8-12°degree angle per side, The Omega Series 9” Bread Knife is a performance-ready, jaw-dropping piece of artisanship. From the “LiquidMetal” pattern engraved on the knife’s blade, which also helps reduce drag, to the gorgeous copper and brass mosaic on the knife’s full-tang handle, every detail on this serrated bread knife is sure to wow anyone who enters your kitchen. 


  • Beautiful craftsmanship through and through.
  • Rust/Corrosion resistant cladding.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It might be a little too high-end for casual home cooks.

5. Phantom Series 9" Serrated Bread Knife

Phantom Series 9" Serrated Bread Knife

This modern take on a classic Japanese serrated knife will cut through just about anything - crusty bread, soft fruit, and even roasts or other large meats. An all-terrain performer, its Japanese AUS-8 steel blade is ideal for cutting and slicing thin slices of bread with a single back-and-forth movement.

But, don’t be fooled by the subtle engraving down its spine (the Japanese kanji for ‘phantom’ or ‘ghost’), this serrated knife means business - hand-sharpened using the ancient Honbazuke method, its blade possesses scalpel-like precision and will kick your cutting process into high gear when slicing loaves of bread. 


  • The copper and brass mosaic just screams “sophistication.”
  • Double-bevel edged serration for more efficient cuts.
  • Versatile enough to work with boney meats.
  • Highly impressive Japanese Steel


  • It might not appeal to chefs who prefer Western-style bread knives.

6. Shogun Series 10.25" Bread Knife

Shogun Series 10.25" Bread Knife

Drawing inspiration from centuries of Japanese knifemaking, the Shogun Series 10.25" Bread Knife is the stuff professional chefs and bakers dream of. Besides the extra-long blade, which will allow you to easily slice thick crusts and soft surfaces with a single stroke, this knife is also a sight to behold - just check out the swooning Tsunami Rose pattern engraving on its blade and the hand-polished ultra-premium G-10 Garolite handle. It just looks and feels right.


  • Ultra-premium Japanese AUS-10V ‘super steel’ blade.
  • Stainless steel cladding ensures maximum performance and durability.
  • Corrosion resistant.


  • A 10inch bread knife might be a little overkill for some home chefs.

7. Gladiator Series 10" Serrated Bread Knife

Gladiator Series 10" Serrated Bread Knife

And we couldn’t end this list without mentioning the Gladiator Series 10" Serrated Bread Knife. Whether you’re trying to slice a thick loaf of sourdough bread, dice tomatoes, or cut open melons, this superb hand-polished knife will surely become your favorite all-around kitchen workhorse.

Composed of a high-carbon German ThyssenKrupp Steel blade with perfectly spaced serrations and an ambidextrous ergonomic polymer handle, the knife is incredibly robust and is sure to offer you the most bang for your buck.


  • Excellent price-quality relationship.
  • Tall blade gives you more knuckle clearance.
  • Triple riveted handle for maximum durability.


  • Some amateur cooks might find the 10” blade too large for slicing.

4. Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best bread knife for sourdough?

Known for its crisp, crusty texture and its fluffy interior, sourdough has the reputation of being hard to slice. If making sourdough is something you do on the regular, then it is imperative that you choose a serrated bread slicer that can cut through the thick crust and the airy inside without leaving a mountain of crumbs along the way. 

In our opinion, a bread knife with pointed serration and a higher number of gullets would be ideal for cutting and slicing any type of crusty bread. Also, look for high carbon steel as it lasts and stays sharper longer. 

Read more about what makes a great bread knife here.  

Which knife is best for cutting bread or tomatoes?

On the other hand, if you need to slice soft breads like banana bread or fruits like tomatoes or kiwis, you might wanna go with a knife with scalloped serration. These are known for their gentler cut and will perfectly cut through the tomato’s waxy surface without tearing it apart. 

Now, if we’re getting into the specifics best knives to slice tomatoes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Dalstrong’s Gladiator Series 5" Serrated Tomato Knife.

What knives do Michelin chefs use?

Every professional chef has their own weapon of choice. In the case of award-winning, Three-Star Michelin chef Dominique Crenn, Dalstrong knives are an essential part of her food preparation process. Some of the items on her repertoire include the Dalstrong Crusader knife series, the Dalstrong Teak Cutting Board, and the Dalstrong Ceramic Honing Rod to keep all of her knives razor-sharp. 

Learn more about where Dalstrong Knives are manufactured here! 

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