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The Dalstrong Shadow Black Series NSF Certified Powerful. Menacing.
Thrilling performance. Exhilarating Design. The Shadow Black Series features an exceptional grip, screamingly sharp cutting edge, and is engineered for optimal maneuverability. Designed from the ground up to be as sleek, aggressive, and muscular looking as it is effective, the Shadow Black Series is sure to deliver the highest levels of satisfaction during your culinary journey. Striking from every angle, the unique handle geometry (inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter) features sharp, aerodynamic lines that cut the air and tuck snugly into your palm. A midnight black titanium coating creates unforgettable styling, sophistication, and functionality, sure to turn heads in any kitchen. This is one evil-looking knife.

When you unsheathe your blade and grasp the handle, you’ll feel the menacing urge to put the razor-sharp edge immediately to work, slicing and dicing. The high-carbon steel at 58+ Rockwell with an expert heat treatment ensures top-of-the-line performance, while the fiber-resin military-grade G10 handle is nearly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. A black, non-reflective titanium-nitride coating adds corrosion resistance, toughens the blade, enhances non-stick properties, and adds to the sinister appearance.

Total Dalstrong Craftsmanship

Ruthlessly sharp, the Shadow Black Series edge is painstakingly honed by expert craftsmen to 16-18°– ensuring clean, precise cuts and excellent edge-retention. Carefully tapered, the blade’s calculated geometry ensures the perfect balance between resilience and performance, creating minimal drag. An intense heat-treatment followed by a deep-freeze nitrogen cooling process enhances hardness and flexibility. Full-tang for maximum durability, the knife is further upgraded with a menacing deep-black Titanium Nitride coating, improving robustness, corrosion resistance keeping your knife cleaner, longer. Each blade is engineered and weighted for the perfect balance to minimize hand fatigue and optimize function.

The handle's tapered bolster ensures a comfortable pinch grip, while the angular G10 resin material is near impervious to kitchen damage and affords lifelong durability. The unique design of the Shadow Black Series handle affords a rock-solid grip, allowing your hand and palm to wrap around effortlessly while your middle finger sits comfortably within a groove near the choil. The hand-polished spine is smooth and comfortable to the touch while the slight texture of the G10 provides the anti-slip capability. The Shadow Black Series is sure to deliver the thrills and performance you need in your kitchen, with all the quality and craftsmanship you expect from Dalstrong.


The Blade


  • • Precision forged, ultra sharp, wear-resistant, single-piece, high carbon 7CR17MOV-X vacuum treated steel at 58 Rockwell
  • • The edge is painstakingly hand sharpened to 16-18° per side, maintaining the perfect balance between blade sharpness and maximum resilience
  • • Black, non-reflective titanium-nitride coating adds corrosion resistance, toughens the blade, enhances non-stick properties
  • • Tall blade height gives knuckle clearance to assist with food preparation and chopping activity
  • • Beautiful hand polished satin finish blade
  • • Tapered design for hardness and flexibility
  • • Added chromium for stain resistance
  • • Precisely tempered for added durability
  • • Polished spine to facilitate a comfortable pinch grip
  • • Full tang for incredible robustness & quality


The Handle


  • • Fiber-resin military-grade G10 handle is nearly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture
  • • Ergonomic handle shape for maximum comfort, grip, and maneuverability
  • • Cleans easily for low maintenance
  • • Includes a BPA protective Dalstrong PerfectFit sheath




  • • Shadow Black Series 9.5" Chef Knife - NSF Certified
  • • PerfectFit Dalstrong Sheath
  • • Neatly Packed with Dalstrong’s Renowned Packaging

Explore the Shadow Black Series

A stealth fighter strikes with absolute precision. Invisible to enemies, it slices through the air and attacks from all angles. A menacing machine of resilience and maneuverability, it’s the line between predator and prey. Undetected, it has the target in sight. 


Shadow Black Series

Designed from the ground up to be as sleek, aggressive and muscular looking as they are effective, the Dalstrong Shadow Black Series stands out from the pack.


Learn more about the features and benefits below.

The Blade

Featuring high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X super-steel with an added vacuum heat treatment at 58+ HRC which allows for extraordinary performance and edge retention. 

The Handle

A midnight black ergonomic, fiber-resin and military grade G10 handle is nearly impervious to heat, cold and moisture. The handle geometry is uniquely designed to tuck snuggly into your palm, giving you a firm grasp regardless of the grip style you use.


Neatly packed with Dalstrong's renowned packaging including a premium-quality polymer Dalstrong Perfect Fit saya (sheath), embossed Dalstrong logo and pin. Block sets do not come with sheaths.

Shadow Black Series

Menacing design, exceptional craftsmanship.