Rotisserie Chicken Recipe: 5 Easy Steps For The Perfect Meal

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Quick Overview: Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

  1. For a classic rotisserie chicken rub, mix paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.
  2. Remove giblets and truss (recommended).
  3. Rub the chicken with olive oil and seasoning mix. 
  4. Cook for approx. 20 minutes per pound or until the chicken reaches 165°F. 
  5. Turn off and allow the chicken to rotate for 10-15 extra minutes. 
  6. Take out and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  7. Carve and serve.

    Content Table

    1. Is Rotisserie Chicken Healthy? (Nutrition Facts)
    2. Detailed Recipe For A Classic Rotisserie Chicken
    3. Alternative Recipe #1: Oven-Roasted Rotisserie Chicken 
    4. Alternative Recipe #2: Air Fryer Rotisserie Chicken
    5. Recipe For Leftover Rotisserie Chicken 
    6. How To Cut Rotisserie Chicken
    7. Best Knives To Cut Rotisserie Chicken
    8. How To Store Rotisserie Chicken
    9. Frequently Asked Questions About Rotisserie Chicken

    We all know rotisserie chicken is delicious. It’s crispy and juicy, tasty and light, all at the same time. I assume for many of us, it’s one of the favorites when it comes to dinner take-out or delivery. It’s so wildly popular, it has its own holiday: June 2nd is National Rotisserie Chicken Day in the United States.

    But what if you could make rotisserie chicken at home? And, is the recipe worth the trouble?

    If you bought a rotisserie and are looking for a rotisserie chicken recipe, you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t have one and you are wondering if there is a recipe for an air fryer or a classic oven, this is also the right place for you!

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    1. Is Rotisserie Chicken Healthy? (Nutrition Facts)

    In general, chicken has many health benefits and is considered one of the most “benign” meats. However, a homemade chicken will always be healthier than the store bought rotisserie chicken. At home you can control every ingredient, and you could get organic chicken so there are fewer additives.

    You should also consider the fact that some parts of the chicken have more or less nutrients and caloric content; and whether you eat it with or without the skin also makes a difference For example, a chicken breast without the skin is pretty lean; whereas a roasted chicken thigh with skin will add more fat and calories. 

    That being said, these are some of the health benefits of having rotisserie chicken for dinner:

    • Chicken is rich in proteins (high biological value) and essential amino acids.
    • It is considered a lean source of meat: it has less cholesterol and less saturated fat than red meat.
    • Because it is high in protein; and relatively low in fat and calories; is a good option for people looking to lose weight.
    • It is a source of minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc) and vitamins (A, C, B3, B9 and B12). 
    • Chicken is easily digested. 
    • My favorite: chicken contains tryptophan, capable of raising serotonin levels and improving your mood.

                Homemade Rotisserie Chicken Nutritional Value

    (Estimated values per 1 serving = 4 oz)


    250 kcal





    Saturated Fat:



    90 mg


    130 mg




    0-1 g


    0-1 g

    2. Detailed Recipe For A Classic Rotisserie Chicken

    Pro tip: Cook as much as you can, because the leftovers will be just as delicious and can provide a huge amount of recipe possibilities! 

    This rotisserie chicken recipe is perfect for a chill weeknight dinner or a fancy Saturday dinner. It’s so versatile that you can play it safe and use it for a chicken salad or just go wild with a chicken pasta alfredo (and everything in between). 

    Note: You can cook a rotisserie chicken in a rotisserie, but also in the oven (roasted chicken), air fryer or slow cooker. The flavor is very similar if you use the same rub (recipes for other methods below). You can also customize the seasoning rub to your taste! I’m just providing the classic mix to get you started.



    Prep time

    5-10 min

    Cook time

    a little more than 1 hour 


    • 1 whole chicken (or 4-5 pounds of chicken pieces)
    • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
    • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
    • 1 teaspoon onion powder
    • 2 tablespoons olive oil
    • Salt and ground black pepper to taste (kosher salt works better)


    1. Prepare the chicken dry rub. Mix the paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper in a bowl. 
    2. Prepare the chicken. This is 1) Removing the giblets and 2) OPTIONAL: Trussing the chicken. Trussing means tying the chicken in a bundle using butcher's twine to ensure even cooking and to prevent the legs and wings from burning. 
    3. Rub. After you skewer the chicken, rub it generously with olive oil and the seasoning. 
    4. Roast! Insert the skewers into the rotisserie and cook for approx. 20 minutes per pound. The times may vary according to the rotisserie’s model; so I recommend you check the manufacturer’s instructions. 
    5. Check for doneness. The chicken is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. If you don’t have a thermometer, pierce the meat with a sharp knife and look at the skin (it shouldn’t be pink or red) and the juices (they should be clear). If necessary, let it cook for five more minutes until the juices and colors pass the test.
    6. Extra-time. Turn off and allow the chicken to rotate inside the rotisserie for 10-15 extra minutes. 
    7. Let it rest. After taking out of the rotisserie, let the chicken rest for 10 minutes.
    8. Carve the chicken. You will need to cut the chicken for serving, just like you would carve a turkey.

        3. Alternative Recipe #1: Oven-Roasted Rotisserie Chicken 


        • 1 whole chicken (or 4-5 pounds of chicken pieces)
        • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
        • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
        • 1 teaspoon onion powder
        • 2 tablespoons olive oil
        • Salt and ground black pepper to taste


        1. Preheat the oven to 450°F. 
        2. Prepare the mix and the chicken just like steps one, two and three in the above recipe.
        3. Place in a roasting pan or oven safe skillet.
        4. Bake uncovered at 425ºF, basting every 15-20 minutes with the chicken’s own juices or with olive oil. Basting is super important when roasting chicken in the oven, so don’t skip it!
        5. Total cooking time should be around 70 or 80 minutes, until the chicken is at 165°F. Methods to verify the chicken is done are the same as the above recipe.
        6. Let it rest 10-15 minutes before carving.

        4. Alternative Recipe #2: Air Fryer Rotisserie Chicken

        That’s right! You can also cook a juicy rotisserie chicken for dinner using your air fryer. Following these steps and a few tips, you can avoid the chicken from becoming too dry. 


        • 1 whole chicken (or 4-5 pounds of chicken pieces)
        • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
        • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
        • 1 teaspoon onion powder
        • 2 tablespoons olive oil
        • Salt and ground black pepper to taste


        1. Preheat the air fryer to 350ºF or follow the manufacturer's instructions.
        2. Coat the chicken with your dry rub (but leave some for later) and with olive oil, just like you would for a rotisserie recipe.
        3. Put the chicken in the air fryer and cook for 30 minutes.
        4. Flip the chicken, rub with the seasoning on the other side, and cook for 30 more minutes.
        5. Cook until the thermometer reads 165ºF or until the juices run clear.
        6. Remove from the air fryer and let it rest for ten minutes.
        7. Carve and serve with your favorite side dish!

        Leftover chicken? Lucky you. Check out our next recipe!

        5. Recipe For Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

        Since we started this article with the whole ‘healthy’ vibe, I wanted to leave you with an easy, fast, tasty chicken salad recipe that won’t leave you feeling bloated or guilty (although you shouldn’t feel guilty in any case!)

        But I just want to make it clear that you can use your leftover rotisserie chicken for very diverse, different recipes; including more hearty, indulging meals like chicken pizza, chicken soup, chicken pasta or chicken tacos. Just for today, however, let’s try a salad recipe for an easy dinner or a quick lunch: 

        Rotisserie chicken salad with ranch dressing

        Ingredients for the salad:

        • Rotisserie chicken, diced or shredded
        • Romaine lettuce, chopped
        • ½ small red onion, thinly diced
        • ¾ cup greek yogurt (or mayonnaise if feeling wild)
        • 2 teaspoons dijon mustard
        • ¼ celery, diced
        • 1 tablespoon ranch seasoning (homemade or store-bought)
        • ¼ cup chopped almonds
        • ¼ cup sliced apple

        If you’re making the ranch seasoning at home: mix parsley, garlic powder, onion powder, dill, black pepper and salt until well blended. You can store it in a glass jar.


        1. Mix the shredded chicken, the veggies, the almonds and the apple in a large bowl.
        2. In another, smaller bowl, you can mix the yogurt and the seasoning.
        3. Pour the dressing in the salad, making sure that especially the chicken and the lettuce are coated.
        4. We recommend you refrigerate this salad for a little while before serving. 

        6. How To Cut Rotisserie Chicken

          1. Place the roast chicken on a cutting board with the breast side up. If you have trussed the chicken; untie the string with a pair of scissors. 
          2. Pull one of the legs out and down. Cut through the joint between the thigh and the hip. Repeat to remove the other leg. 
          3. Separate each drumstick from the thighs.
          4. Now pull each wing toward the cutting board and cut through the joint. 
          5. Cut the chicken vertically in half through from the breastbone to get two chicken breasts. Get rid of the breastbone.
          6. You can cut each chicken breast in half, or into slices.

          7. Best Knives To Cut Rotisserie Chicken

          1) Carving Knife & Fork Set 9" - Crusader Series 

          Carving Knife & Fork Set 9" - Crusader Series

          This carving set is simply perfect for slicing a rotisserie chicken and working around the bones and joints. The sharp carving knife will perform clean cuts while the fork helps stabilize the chicken on the cutting board while carving. 


          • The perfect “rotisserie chicken” kit with a carving knife and a carving fork.
          • No risk of tearing the meat of poultry, pork, beef or any roasts.
          • Hygienic high-chrome stainless steel handle.
          • The fuller groove reduces friction and food won't stick to the knife
          • Minimalist design for our modern chefs.


          • Some chefs will prefer a longer blade for a carving knife.
          • This silver handle is far from traditional and it takes a bit of time to get used to the feel of steel in the hand.

          2) Slicing & Carving Knife 12" - Omega Series 

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          The Omega Series slicer offers strength and at the same time, the flexibility and sharpness to cut clean, uniform slices of meat and poultry roasts, ham, large fruits, vegetables, bread and pastries, always to your desired thickness with no extra effort. 


          • The distinctive ‘Liquid Metal' pattern on the blade is beautiful (arguably my favorite thing about this knife) and maximizes its efficiency by minimizing food drag.
          • The blade is forged with the latest premium technology in American steel.
          • Vacuum heat treatment guarantees incredible sharpness and performance.
          • The ergonomic handle has been designed for perfect grip and control.
          • Built to high quality standards to last a lifetime.


          • The blade is long and thin, and some people might not be entirely comfortable with the feeling of flexibility.
          • The price may escape some budgets.

          3) Slicing & Carving Knife 12" - Valhalla Series 

          Slicing & Carving Knife 12" - Valhalla Series

          If you’re looking for something that feels unique and majestic, this is the one. With a Nordic mythology-inspired design, you will be able to cut perfect breast slices in a single motion with an ultra-sharp 12" blade.


          • 5-layer stainless steel with a 60+ Rockwell hardness.
          • Unique, sleek blue resin and wood handle provides a strong and stable grip.  
          • The curved blade has a stylish sandblasted finish.
          • This is a high-end knife of excellent quality.
          • It comes with a beautiful Valhalla-embossed leather sheath.


          • The thing about the Valhalla Series is that if you only buy one knife of the series, it will make the rest of your cutlery seem a bit… dull. Soon you’ll want the whole series, and that is a significant investment not everyone is in a position to make.
          • I wouldn’t blame you for wanting a more “conventional” approach in your carving tools. 

          4) Slicing Carving Knife 8" | Gladiator Series 

          Slicing Carving Knife 8" | Gladiator Series

          Comfortable, maneuverable and sober; don’t be fooled by the smallest model in Dalstrong’s slicers family. This knife will efficiently carve roasts of chicken and other poultry, meat or fish; or slice ham, sausages, bread or vegetables. 


          • The size makes it manageable and versatile for everyday use.
          • High-quality at an affordable price. 
          • Wear-resistant, high-carbon German steel.
          • The rounded tip provides safety for the cook.
          • The indentations on the blade prevent food from sticking. 
          • Classic-looking, ergonomic handle.


          • This carving knife is more on the shorter side, compared to other slicers. If you’re looking for the authentic carving experience, go with a 10”, a 12” or even a 14” blade.
          • While its classic style has the advantage of going well with any kitchen, you will find more flashy designs in this same list.

          5) Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" | Shogun Series 

          Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" | Shogun Series

          The name may be intimidating, but what you will find here is a reliable knife, capable of performing delicate cuts in a single stroke. And also, with one of the most beautiful blade engravings available: The Tsunami Rose pattern exclusive to the Shogun Series.


          • This is a weapon specifically designed for cutting through flesh, cartilage and fat from beef, pork, poultry, fish and other meats.
          • Mirror polished, hand-finished edge with the 3-step Honbazuke method.
          • Ergonomic handle that allows a comfortable grip and hand control.
          • Beautiful, elegant design with a unique blade pattern.


          • If you’re looking for a more standard knife with the Shogun aesthetics, the series has carving knives in other sizes like 12" and 14".
          • It’s not exactly the cheapest model around.

          8. How To Store Rotisserie Chicken

          Rotisserie chicken is delicious when you eat it fresh and warm, but it’s also one of those meals where the leftovers have their own thing going on. Soon you’ll be playing with chicken salads, chicken soups, sandwiches… You can even use the bones to make chicken broth. 

          But cooked chicken is also delicate; and should be eaten as soon as possible or properly stored to ensure food safety.

          If you’re going to eat it warm: Eat within the next two hours. During the summer, though, you should preferably eat it in no more than one hour, since the heat allows bacteria to proliferate at room temperature.

          If you’re going to eat in the next three or four days: Refrigerate and reheat whenever you want to eat it (some will use it cold, e.g for a salad). After that time, it is no longer advisable to eat it from the refrigerator. You can reheat in the oven (at 350°F), on the stovetop or in the microwave.

          If you don’t know when you’re going to eat it: Freeze the chicken to preserve its best qualities and flavor. Once frozen, it can last from two to three months. The quickest way to thaw it is to use the microwave; but we recommend you transfer it to the refrigerator overnight and then reheat.

          Tip: To keep the chicken as fresh and juicy as possible and prevent it from drying out, keep it covered at all times; wrapped with aluminum foil or better yet, in a sealed or airtight container.. 

          9. Frequently Asked Questions About Rotisserie Chicken

          Why is it called rotisserie chicken?

          It’s called a rotisserie chicken because it is cooked on a rotating rotisserie, an appliance where the meat is skewered on a rotating spit. The word “rotisserie” comes from the French “rotisseur”:  the chef in charge of the roasts.

          What's the difference between roasted chicken and rotisserie chicken?

          Roasted chicken is cooked in the oven and rotisserie chicken is cooked in an appliance called a rotisserie. Other than that, they will both be crispy and golden on the outside and juicy inside; although some claim rotisserie chicken offers a unique, perfect texture.

          What kind of knife do you use to cut a rotisserie chicken?

          A carving knife and a carving fork are the main kitchen tools used to carve a rotisserie chicken. However, a sharp chef's knife can do the work if there is no carving knife available.

          Can you make rotisserie chicken in a slow cooker?

          Yes! You can use a slow cooker or crock pot to prepare rotisserie chicken. It is actually very easy. Cook the chicken on low heat for about 8 hours. Slow cooker rotisserie chicken is moist and juicy.

          What other recipes can I try with rotisserie chicken?

          Rotisserie chicken recipes work as main dishes by themselves but are also ingredients in many other recipes! For example, you will love the exotic flavor or a chicken tortilla soup or a chicken pot pie; or the convenience of a shredded rotisserie chicken salad for dinner on a weeknight.

          Can you make rotisserie chicken in an air fryer?

          Any recipe that includes rotisserie chicken can be made using an air fryer. The steps are very similar to roast chicken. You will find the air fryer rotisserie chicken recipe in this article, try it for your next dinner!

          Written by Eva Contreras
          Food & travel writer based in Buenos Aires. Superpowers include relentless curiosity and high tolerance to spicy foods.

          Rotisserie Chicken Recipe: 5 Easy Steps For The Perfect Meal

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