The Benefits Of Owning Magnetic Knife Storage

A photo of the Magnetic Bar Silicone Wall Knife Holder with the Dalstrong Vanquish knives attached to it.Magnetic Bar Silicone Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

 Whether it’s storing your knives or displaying them for your guests to see, a strip magnetic holder can get the job done. Also known as a knife bar, these bad boys don’t take plenty of space and are perfect for home cooks looking for a little more counter space. Let’s talk about the trendiest knife holders and how they can enhance the functionality of your kitchen.

1. What Is A Magnetic Knife Holder? 

A photo of the Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block and a towel on a marble tableDragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

Magnetic knife holders are a unique part of kitchen accessories that with the correct mounting hardware can support your favorite knives and other stainless steel tools or kitchen utensils. The magnetic strength of these strips and walls is out of this world – Especially the ones designed by Dalstrong. 

There are 3 different types of magnetic knife holders that are loved across the world. They are magnetic knife walls, magnetic knife strip holders, and traditional knife blocks. 

Let’s get into the advantages of owning each one of them. 

2. Types Of Magnetic Knife Holders And Their Advantages 

A photo of the Dalstrong Magnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder with three Dalstrong Knives and a scissor attached to it.Magnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

Regardless of what you’re looking for, a Dalstrong magnetic knife holder is waiting to offer you plenty of space, a place for storing your knives, and a classy-looking kitchen decoration that is just as functional. Here are 3 types of magnetic knife holders for kitchen enthusiasts wanting to take it up a notch.

Magnetic Knife Walls

There are many knife holders for walls out there but have you heard of magnetic walls that don’t need to be stored or mounted on walls? 

Magnetic knife walls are often made with premium quality wood. Wood magnetic knife holders are easy to clean, easier to store, and innovative for home cooks that want to try something outside of their comfort zones.

 Think of these as modern-day knife racks, but with a smidge of elegance and functionality. The strong magnets present in these knife walls can hold everything from Japanese knives to paring knives, and chef's knives – All while not taking up plenty of space. 

My favorite Dalstrong magnetic knife wall/holder is the Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block. Keep reading to know why I’m a proud owner of this sleek, yet minimalistic tool for knife storage. 

Magnetic Knife Strips

Magnetic knife strips have easy install-like features. With strip magnets or holder magnets, it’s fairly easy to have these up in no time. The magnetic strength is more than enough to comfortably hold knives like a simple kitchen knife or top-of-the-line Japanese knives. 

You would need the correct mounting hardware to install these bars, although some magnetic bars are sturdy enough as they are. They also work as phenomenal utensil holders. Such as kitchen shears, stainless steel tongs, tasting spoons, and carving knife and fork sets. 

I’m loving the new Dalstrong magnetic knife strips! Have you checked them out yet? My current favorite is this steel magnetic knife bar.  

Traditional Knife Blocks or Knife Stands

 Let’s not forget our roots! Traditional knife blocks still make some of the best kitchen accessories for knife storage. Contrary to popular belief, these are super easy to clean and don’t take up much counter space at all. 

Traditional knife blocks also have slots for the different knives in your kitchen. Such as chef's knife, paring knives, Japanese knives, bread knives, slicing knives, and even the good ol’ kitchen shears. 

Dalstrong’s wooden holders for knives have received tremendous reviews for their style, functionality, and durability. The premium quality wood used to craft the blocks along with the fact that they come with the best Dalstrong knives makes them excellent kitchen decorations, too.  

I will forever stand by my favorite Dalstrong knife stand. Check out this 8-Piece Knife Block Set from the Gladiator series!

Read about how to hang knives on the wall, here.

3. What You Should Look For In Magnetic Knife Holders 

A photo of the Dalstrong Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block on top of a wooden tableDragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

 There are a couple of things that you need to know before shopping for your first magnetic knife holder. Here’s everything you need to know!

Mounting Hardware

If you’re leaning toward magnetic knife bars or strips over wooden holders or blocks, the mounting hardware is everything. A holder wall mounted is phenomenal, but if you need to install it by yourself, choose magnetic strips, holder magnets, and magnetic bars that have powerful strength for storing your knives. 

You don’t want the magnetic bars to lose strength abruptly and crash to the floor. This will cause your knives significant damage. 

Number Of Slots

If you’re interested in knife walls or traditional, wooden holders, make sure to cross-check the knives in your kitchen with the slots available in the holder. You don’t want the blade length to be a misfit as it can dull the sharpness of your knife. If you’re big on snipping herbs, you might want to go choose holders with a slot for kitchen shears. 

Vertical Space

Magnetic knife strips are much more functional when mounted on vertical spaces in your kitchen. So, make sure you have enough space to fit the magnetic bar. Magnetic blocks on the other hand should be stored in a corner tucked away from the counter space so they’re out of reach from any children or pets. Keeping them away from the stove and oven is also wise, so it doesn’t damage the wooden holder.  

4. Dalstrong’s Functional Knife Storage Options For You

1. Magnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder

Magnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

Designed with North American Walnut wood for an elegant, yet sturdy kitchen tool. This magnetic bar features a hot-stamped lionhead logo that represents Dalstrong. The wood used to make this knife strip can withstand a busy, crowded, or compact kitchen, thanks to the powerful magnets used with it. 


  • This magnetic bar is made with wood that won’t warp or chip like other knife strips. 
  • 18-inches long and 2.5 inches wide to provide you plenty of space and ample amount of storage for your beloved knives and kitchen shears. 
  • Another phenomenal trait to consider is this knife holder’s resistance to bacteria, keeping your kitchen utensils and knives safe and clear of germs. 


  • If you’re all about contemporary kitchens, the stainless steel magnetic bar might be a better fit. 
  • You could steer toward traditional knife holders which is completely fine because, with Dalstrong, it’s always a win-win situation for you. 

2. Magnetic Bar Silicone Wall Knife Holder
Magnetic Bar Silicone Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

Raise the bar with this silicone magnetic bar that holds your knives effortlessly and with ease. This ultimate kitchen tool maximizes safety while not compromising functionality. The silicone cushioning strengthens the power magnet ten folds and reduces the risk of any slipping and sliding while you’re cooking. 


  • Thanks to this bar’s outstanding magnetic strength, you won’t have to keep checking on its sturdiness. 
  • The bar’s black, matte surface makes it impervious to heat and water while offering a scratch-resistant magnetic bar.
  • This bar is equipped with powerful magnets and mounting hardware that make it incredibly easy to mount.


3. Magnetic Bar Stainless Wall Knife Holder

Magnetic Bar Stainless Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

This 18-inch long and 2-inch wide magnetic knife bar is all you need for storing your knives. It can comfortably hold an array of kitchen utensils and knives without damaging the surface and blade. 


  • Sleek in its appearance, and functional in its form for a classy, yet safe cooking experience. 
  • Designed for an ‘easy install’ process. Mount it and forget it. 
  • Made with Satin Finish 201 Stainless Steel


  • You could be leaning toward knife block sets instead of magnetic strips. 
  • Some professional chefs might prefer portable knife-storing kitchen tools like knife bags or knife rolls.

4. Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

This double-sided magnetic wooden holder is perfect for home cooks who want to add a little edge to their kitchen all while keeping it simple and minimalistic. The hygienic build is perfect for cleaning out any debris and dirt on the surface.


  • No dirt and dust trapped as it does in slotted wooden holders. 
  • Double-sided magnets in a beautiful, intricate design that saves plenty of space on countertops. 
  • The knives can be easily accessed while staying free of any germs or bacteria.


  • If you’ve got limited counter space, the elegant build of this knife holder can make it seem a little bulky. 
  • It could be outside of the budget for some folks. 

5. 12oz Heavy Duty Canvas & Leather Army Green Nomad Knife Roll

12oz Heavy Duty Canvas & Leather Army Green Nomad Knife Roll Dalstrong

This knife roll is made with ultra-premium quality material for a luxurious finish. The Brazilian leather used is resistant to punctures and tears, all while staying durable under the toughest, most challenging culinary tasks. 


  • Made with an extremely soft, top-grain Brazilian leather handle. 
  • The cotton webbing strap is detachable and adjustable. 
  • This knife roll features 10 pockets that hold knives with blades up to a staggering 15 inches. 


  • You may prefer knife bags rather than knife rolls if you’re constantly on the go.
  • The price of this knife roll could be outside of the budget for some folks. 

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Are magnetic knife holders a good idea?

Magnetic knife holders are great if you have some vertical space on the walls in your kitchen. They are extremely sturdy and easy to mount on the wall.

Is it OK to store knives on magnetic strip?

It’s perfectly alright to store knives on magnetic strips. As long as you’re purchasing one that is made with authentic wood, silicone, or steel, it won’t damage the blade and tip of your favorite knives. 

Do metal magnetic knife holders damage knives?

If you purchase magnetic knife holders that have powerful strength right at the tip of where the blades rest, it can damage the knives. But, if you purchase a good-quality magnetic bar from a reputable brand, you should be good to go. 

How do I choose a magnetic knife holder?

It’s wise to check if the knife strip has a strong and sturdy magnetic bar, offers space to hold knives of different lengths and sizes, and is not too heavy or rough to hold.

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The Benefits Of Owning Magnetic Knife Storage

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