What Is S35vn Steel?

          A close-up photo of the Chef's Knife 8" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong with it's sheath.Chef's Knife 8" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

          CPM S35VN steel is a high-performance blade material that has gained popularity among knife enthusiasts and manufacturers for its exceptional qualities. Let’s dive into everything there is to know about this incredibly tough blade material. 

          1. Whar Is s35vn Steel?

          Santoku Knife 7" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong on top of a wooden table.Santoku Knife 7" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

          A Quick Chemistry Crash Course

          The chemical composition of S35VN steel includes elements like vanadium and niobium, forming carbides that contribute to the steel's wear resistance. This special steel finds a good mix of being hard and tough, making it a top pick for different uses, like big kitchen knives or outdoor and survival blades and survival knives. It's just right for your camping fun and exciting expeditions.

          Advantages of S35VN Material for Knives

          S35VN steel is really good at keeping its sharp edge for a long time, which is important if you use a knife a lot. People who love knives and want them to cut really well appreciate this quality. Also, this steel doesn't easily get damaged by rust, so knives made with it last a long time, even in different places.

          Knife makers often use this material for crafting custom and high-quality blades. Precision ground blades made from S35VN, such as those found in Chris Reeve knives, showcase improved toughness and edge holding capabilities. The steel's Rockwell hardness, along with the right way of heating it up, adds to how tough and useful the knives are.

          Types of S35VN Knives Commonly Found 

          Whether it's folding knives, chefs knives, or outdoor tools, this steel is a great choice for people who want a knife that stays sharp, doesn't easily rust, and is strong. As a type of CPM steel, S35VN is known for making really good knife blades, and it's well-respected in the world of knife materials.

          S35VN Steel Knives vs Carbon Steel Knives

          S35VN steel knives are better than carbon steel knives because they stay sharp for a long time, are tough, and resist rust. Unlike carbon steel, S35VN knives don't need as much care. They are great for cutting in various places. 

          S35VN steel has special stuff like chromium and vanadium, making the knives last longer. Carbon steel kitchen knives can rust, but S35VN ones don't. Well, at least not easily. So, if you want a knife that stays sharp, is tough, and doesn't rust a lot, S35VN steel kitchen knives are a top choice for cooking or other tasks.

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          2. S35vn Steel History

          Paring Knife 4" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong with it's sheath on top of a wooden board.Paring Knife 4" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

          Let’s dive into a quick History lesson. We promise, we won’t bore you. 

          S35VN Material and Knife Performance

          S35VN steel has an interesting story starting at Crucible Industries, a company that's really good at making steel and innovating particle metallurgy. It came after S30V steel, like an upgrade, to fix some problems and make it work even better. They wanted to make it better, like adding new features to a game.

          The story starts with S30V steel, a big deal in the knife world because it keeps its sharpness for a long time and doesn't easily get rusty. However, as knife enthusiasts and manufacturers continued to push the boundaries of blade technology, there arose a need for improvements in certain aspects of S30V.

          How It Started…

          In response to this demand, Crucible Industries, located in St. Helena City, UT, embarked on the journey to refine and elevate the qualities of S30V. The outcome was the birth of CPM S35VN. CPM means Crucible Particle Metallurgy, a way of making steel where all the special parts are spread out evenly to make the steel work even better.

          S35VN has special stuff like vanadium and niobium in it, and when these join together, they make carbides. These carbides help the steel resist wear and be tough. By changing what's in the steel, they fixed things like the edge chipping and how easy it is to sharpen. This made the steel better while keeping the good things from before.

          In Summary…

          As time passed, S35VN became really popular in making knives because it's good at a lot of things – it stays sharp, resists getting rusty, and works well for many knife fans and makers. The steel's story, from when it was first made to now being a top pick, shows how people are always trying to make better metals and blades.

          3. Qualities Of S35vn Steel

          Chef's Knife 9.5" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong inside of it's premium sheath.Chef's Knife 9.5" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

          S35VN steel is a super cool material for making knives, and it has some awesome qualities that make it stand out. Imagine it's like the superhero of knife steels!

          First off, let's talk about its superpower – edge retention. S35VN can keep its sharpness for a really long time. So, when you're using a knife made of this steel, it stays sharp and ready to tackle any cutting task without needing constant sharpening.

          They’re also given heat treated. Heat treatment is like giving superpowers to S35VN steel. They heat it up to just the right temperature to make it strong and tough. This process ensures the steel stays sharp, tough, and doesn't easily rust. 

          Heat treated S35VN is even better, fixing things like chipping and making it easier to sharpen. It's like a secret recipe to make the steel the best it can be for knives. So, when they treat S35VN with heat just right, it becomes a superhero in the knife world, strong and ready for action!

          Rust and Corrosion Resistance

          But that's not all! S35VN is like a shield against rust and corrosion. It has this special ability to resist getting rusty, which means your knife won't get all rusty and yucky even if you use it in different environments. It's like a superhero protecting your knife from the forces of nature.

          Now, here's where it gets even cooler – toughness. S35VN is tough, like a superhero that can take on challenges without breaking a sweat. This toughness makes the steel durable and strong, so your knife can handle rough situations without easily chipping or breaking.

          The Magic

          The magic happens during its creation with something called the CPM process. This process ensures that the elements in the steel are evenly mixed, giving it a uniform and strong structure. The result is a top-notch steel that's perfect for making knives that are not only sharp but also tough and long-lasting.

          Knife makers love working with S35VN because it's like a trusty sidekick in the workshop. They can craft precision ground blades that have improved toughness and can hold an edge really well. It's no wonder that knives made with S35VN are highly sought after by those who want a reliable tool for cooking, camping, or just everyday use.

          In the world of knives, S35VN is a superhero steel – sharp, resistant to rust, tough, and always ready for action!

          4. Dalstrong’s Spartan Ghost Series

          Utility Knife 6" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong on top of a wooden board.Utility Knife 6" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

          Dalstrong's Spartan Knife Collection, a masterpiece in knife craftsmanship, showcases the exceptional S35VN, known for its high-end performance in the culinary world. 

          These knives, precision-crafted with Powder Metallurgy technology, boast a clean finish, easier grinding, and reduced chipping. The ultra-premium steel, enriched with chromium, vanadium, and niobium, offers superior edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

          Dalstrong's heat treatment process for the knives in the Spartan Collection is a meticulous and precise craft. They subject the blades to controlled high temperatures, carefully balancing heat and cooling to enhance specific qualities.

          Heat Treated Excellence

          The heat treated steel ensures that the Spartan knives achieve exceptional hardness, making their edges incredibly sharp and long-lasting. This process also imparts strength and toughness to the blades, preventing them from easily breaking or getting damaged during use.

          The heat treated blade contributes to the knives' resistance to corrosion, ensuring they maintain their sleek appearance and functionality over time. Dalstrong's commitment to precision in heat treatment reflects in the Spartan Collection, providing knives that not only look impressive but also deliver outstanding performance in various cutting tasks.

          Maximum Sharpness

          The Spartan Ghost Series, a highlight of this collection, is engineered to be the ultimate slicing machine, featuring a thin and lightweight design. The D3 sharpening process guarantees maximum sharpness, while the blood-red resin and stabilized wood handle add an aesthetic touch. 

          With each knife coming with a premium leather sheath, the Spartan Knife Collection by Dalstrong offers not just cutting-edge technology but also a blend of power, elegance, and functionality for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike.

          5. Recommended Dalstrong S35VN Steel Knives

          1. Chef's Knife 8" | Spartan Ghost Series

          Chef's Knife 8" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

            Introducing the Dalstrong Spartan Ghost Series, a masterpiece in knife craftsmanship. These blades, meticulously crafted with top-grade powdered S35VN, embody the pinnacle of knife performance. These chefs knives are crafted for agility and comfort. This steel knife truly is the moment. Conquer any culinary challenge with the Dalstrong Spartan Ghost Series, where excellence meets cutting-edge technology.


            • Dalstrong knives stay really sharp for a long time because they use a special process that makes the the cutting edge blade heat treated and in great shape.
            • Unique blood-red resin and ghost-ash black stabilized wood handles for aesthetic appeal.
            • D3 sharpening process ensures razor-sharp precision for friction-free cutting.
            • LionShield treatment is wear and corrosion-resistant for long-lasting performance.


            • The style of this knife along with its color might not be every cook’s aesthetic preference. 
            • This is a premium product and comes with a premium price. 

            2. Santoku Knife 7" | Spartan Ghost Series

            Santoku Knife 7" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

              The Dalstrong Spartan Ghost Series 7" Santoku Knife is the epitome of uncompromising knife performance. Crafted with ultra-premium powdered S35VN, it guarantees exceptional cutting power and durability. The black DLC LionArmor coating, boasting a staggering 100HRC+, ensures enhanced resistance to wear, acids, and moisture. With a full tang construction and included premium leather sheath, this knife is a must-have for culinary enthusiasts.


              • Ultra-premium S35VN steel for exceptional cutting power.
              • The heat treated blade makes Dalstrong’s kitchen knives tough and strong, so they don't easily break or get damaged when you're using them.
              • D3 sharpening process ensures maximum sharpness and cutting precision.
              • Stabilized wood handle for extra grip. 


              • Some home cooks might prefer working with a shorter blade length. 
              • Home cooks that often mince or julienne vegetables might prefer utility knives or paring knives instead. 

              3. Chefs Knife 9.5" | Spartan Ghost Series

              Chef's Knife 9.5" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

                Unleash unmatched sharpness with the Dalstrong Spartan Ghost Series, the pinnacle of knife performance. Crafted from ultra-premium S35VN steel that guarantees exceptional cutting power and durability. Engineered for precision, the Spartan Ghost series features a thin and lightweight design for effortless slicing. Each knife comes with a premium leather sheath for stylish and safe storage.


                • Because of the heat treated blade, these knives don't easily get rusty, even if you use them in different places or with liquids.
                • Sleek design with blood-red resin and stabilized wood handle for aesthetic appeal.
                • D3 sharpening process ensures maximum sharpness and cutting precision.


                • Some folks prefer working with a utility knives or a paring knife for their every day chopping tasks. 
                • The length of this knife could feel a smidge intimidating for the novice cook. 

                4. Paring Knife 4" | Spartan Ghost Series

                Paring Knife 4" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

                  Enhance your cooking skills with Dalstrong’s Spartan Ghost Series 4" Paring Knife. The slim and lightweight design, along with the D-shaped handle crafted from stabilized wood, allows for precise slicing. Each knife comes with a stylish premium leather sheath, offering secure storage. Elevate your kitchen experience with this exceptional tool from Dalstrong's Spartan Ghost Series.


                  • Hardened at a staggering 100+ Rockwell for all the durability that you need.
                  • This heat treated knife is like a magic touch that makes sure Dalstrong’s kitchen knives are just right – not too hard, not too soft – making them great for all kinds of cutting jobs.
                  • Sleek design with blood-red resin handle that gives it an edge.


                  • Premium quality may come with a higher price tag.
                  • Some folks prefer working with carbon steel knives instead of the S35VN.

                  5. Utility Knife 6" | Spartan Ghost Series

                  Utility Knife 6" | Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong

                    Unleash culinary excellence with Dalstrong’s Spartan Ghost Series 6" Utility knives. The thin and lightweight design, coupled with the D-shaped handle made of blood-red resin and stabilized wood, provides precision slicing. Each knife includes a premium leather sheath for stylish and secure storage.


                    • The ideal knife for cooks that crave durability and hardness for their every day knives.
                    • Dalstrong uses special techniques that make robust, heat treated kitchen knives, showing they care a lot about making knives that are really good and work well for you.
                    • This knife undergoes the D3 sharpening process that makes this knife ruthlessly sharp. 


                    • The knife might be a tad bit outside of budget for some cooks. 
                    • The DLC coating can make this knife look a little grunge in its appearance, which isn’t every cook’s aesthetic preference. 

                    6. Frequently Asked Questions

                      Is S35VN a high end steel?

                      S35VN is a super fancy, high-quality steel that's famous for staying sharp for a long time, being strong, and not easily getting rusty. The chromium, vanadium, and niobium, present in the steel are the reasons why it's an excellent choice for high-quality kitchen knives.

                      What steel is better S35VN or S30V?

                      S35VN is even better than S30V because it stays sharp longer, is tougher, and resists rust more. If you want the best in knife steel, S35VN is the top choice.

                      Does S35VN rust easily?

                      S35VN is excellent at resisting rust because it contains elements like chromium and other special things. Chromium is perfect for making a robust and durable knife without rusting easily. 

                      Is S35VN hard to sharpen?

                      S35VN steel can be a little difficult to sharpen as it is hardened at 100+ Rockwell. However, with a few more minutes on hand, you can surely sharpen the knife. 

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                      What Is S35vn Steel?

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