Aesthetically Pleasing Cutting Board Designs For You

Chopping boards come in a variation of materials and designs, ranging from bamboo and wood to glass and slate. Whether you're looking for a unique chopping board, a personalized gift, or a functional chopping block, there is a wide range of options available to suit your needs and preferences and this blog will help you find the best fit! So, let’s get right into it. 

1. Types Of Cutting Boards

A close-up photo of the Corner Cutting Board Natural Teak Wood DalstrongCorner Cutting Board Natural Teak Wood Dalstrong

When it comes to choosing the right chopping board for your kitchen, there are several options available. Here are some popular types of chopping boards to consider:

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Bamboo chopping boards are eco-friendly and known for their durability. They are resistant to knife marks and have natural antibacterial properties.

Butcher Block Cutting Boards

Butcher block chopping boards are made from thick pieces of wood, often premium oak or walnut. They provide a sturdy surface for cutting and chopping and can also double as a serving board.

Wood Cutting Boards

Wood chopping boards come in various types of wood, such as oak, maple, and olive wood. They are known for their natural beauty and strength. Wood chopping boards can be personalized with custom monograms or family names.

Engraved cutting boards or custom cutting boards are always a hit for wedding favors, as housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts, or as charcuterie boards. They’re also an excellent idea for corporate gifting as handmade cutting boards and cheese boards are universally loved! 

Glass Cutting Boards

Glass chopping boards offer a hygienic and non-porous surface that is easy to clean. They are also heat-resistant, making them suitable for serving hot dishes.

Slate Cutting Boards

Slate chopping boards provide a unique and stylish option. They are durable and can be personalized with laser engravings.

Custom Engraved Cutting Boards

Personalized cutting boards engraved with names, monograms, or custom designs make excellent gifts for housewarmings, weddings, or other special occasions. They add a personal touch to the kitchen and can be cherished for years to come.

Chopping Blocks

Chopping blocks are heavy-duty cutting boards designed for heavy chopping and cutting tasks. They are often made of premium oak or beechwood and can withstand heavy use.

Cheese Cutting Boards

Cheese cutting boards are specifically designed for slicing and serving cheese. They often feature a juice groove to catch any liquids and come in various shapes and sizes.

Read about how to clean cutting boards of all different types, here.

2. Different Cutting Board Shapes Available

corner cutting board on black countertopCorner Cutting Board - Teak Wood 

Choosing a cutting board shape that suits your needs and preferences can enhance both functionality and visual appeal in your kitchen. Here are some common shapes of chopping boards that might interest you and complement your kitchen. 

Rectangular Cutting Boards

Rectangular cutting boards are the most common and versatile shape. They provide ample space for chopping, slicing, and dicing various ingredients.

Round Cutting Boards

Round cutting boards offer a unique aesthetic appeal and are great for serving purposes as well. They can be personalized with custom engravings, making them a perfect gift option.

Square Cutting Boards

Square chopping boards provide a compact and efficient cutting surface. They are ideal for small kitchens or limited countertop space.

Bread Cutting Boards

Bread cutting boards are elongated and narrow in shape, specifically designed for slicing bread. They often feature a crumb-catching groove to keep your countertop clean. These wooden cutting boards are also ideal for when you want to show off large spreads of family recipes! 

They’re ten folds better than customized plastic cutting boards and hold sharp knives and bulky knife blocks well without taking on any damage. And, the best part? These bread boards also make the perfect serving trays. 

Shaped Cutting Boards

Shaped cutting boards come in various creative and novelty shapes, such as animals, fruits, or geometric designs. They add a fun element to your kitchen and can be a conversation starter.

3. The Different Features and Designs Of Cutting Boards

A photo of the Lionswood Colossal Teak Cutting Board Dalstrong with two steaks and a Dalstrong cleaver on top of it.Lionswood Colossal Teak Cutting Board Dalstrong

Cutting boards come with various features and designs to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a cutting board with a juice groove, a handle for easy lifting, personalized engravings, multiple boards in a set, premium wood materials, or custom resin designs, there are options available to elevate your chopping board experience.

Juice Groove

Many chopping boards come with a juice groove or a trench around the edges. This feature helps collect liquids from fruits, vegetables, or meats, keeping your countertop clean and preventing any potential mess. 


Some cutting boards have built-in handles, making them easy to lift, carry, and maneuver. Handles provide convenience and improve mobility when transferring food from the chopping board to pots, pans, or serving platters. 

Engraving and Personalization

Personalized chopping boards with engravings, such as names, monograms, or custom designs, add a unique and personal touch to your kitchen. They also make for thoughtful and memorable gifts. 

Multiple Boards Set

Some cutting board sets come with multiple boards in different sizes or materials. These sets provide versatility for various cutting tasks and allow for easier organization and storage. 

Premium Wood and Quality

Cutting boards made from top-quality wood, such as oak or walnut, offer durability and an elegant appearance. Premium wood cutting boards are known for their strength and longevity. 

Custom Resin

Cutting boards with custom resin designs and laser engravings offer a modern and artistic touch. These unique designs can add a pop of color or intricate patterns to the cutting board. 

4. Cutting Board Materials

A photo of the Teak Cutting Board Large Size Horizontal Grain Dalstrong with five pieces of porkchops on top of it.Teak Cutting Board Large Size Horizontal Grain Dalstrong

Each cutting board material has its own characteristics and benefits, allowing you to choose based on your preferences for aesthetics, durability, knife-friendliness, and ease of maintenance. Here are some of them!

Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo is a popular choice for cutting boards due to its eco-friendly nature, durability, and natural antimicrobial properties. Bamboo chopping boards are lightweight, easy to clean, and gentle on knives.

Wood Cutting Boards

Wood cutting boards come in various types, including oak wood, walnut chopping board, maple cutting board, beechwood, and olive wood. These wooden cutting boards are known for their durability, beauty, and knife-friendliness. They provide a natural and warm cutting surface.

Glass Cutting Board

Glass cutting boards offer a hygienic and non-porous surface that is resistant to stains and odors. They are easy to clean and can be used as a ornamental element in the kitchen.

Slate Cutting Board

Slate cutting boards provide a unique and stylish option. They are durable, non-slip, and can be written on with chalk for labeling or decoration.

Custom Resin Cutting Boards

Custom resin cutting boards feature vibrant and artistic designs embedded in clear resin. They add a touch of creativity and personalization to the cutting board.

5. Why Teak Wood Makes The Most Striking Cutting Board Designs

A plate of sliced cucumber and cheese next to a black cutting board with full tomatoes and a black paring knife on it Infinity Series Medium-Sized Fibre wood Cutting Board

Teak wood is known for its beautiful golden-brown hue and anti-bacterial properties. 

Warm Golden-Brown Color

Teak wood exhibits a warm golden-brown color that is highly appealing. The rich hue adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen decor. The natural beauty of teak wood is often accentuated by its stunning coloration. 

Distinctive Grain Patterns

Teak wood is known for its distinct grain patterns. These patterns are unique to each piece of teak, creating visually striking and one-of-a-kind cutting boards. The grain adds depth and character to the surface, enhancing its overall beauty.

Natural Luster

Teak wood possesses a natural luster that contributes to its visual appeal. The wood has a subtle sheen that enhances its overall beauty and gives it a polished appearance. The luster adds a touch of sophistication to teak chopping boards

Smooth and Polished Surface

Teak wood can be sanded and finished to achieve a smooth and polished surface. This enhances the visual appeal of the cutting board, giving it a sleek and refined look. The smooth surface adds to the overall attractiveness of teak boards. 

Timeless and Classic Look

The combination of teak wood's warm color, unique grain patterns, natural luster, and smooth surface gives it a timeless and classic look. Teak cutting boards can effortlessly complement a variety of kitchen styles and aesthetics, making them a favored choice for those pursuing a beautiful and versatile option. 

6. Recommended Dalstrong Cutting Boards

If you are what I like to call, a Dalstrong Pro, you very well know how intricately our cutting boards are designed. Here are five of my favorite Dalstrong cutting boards for you that are sure to turn heads in your home. 

1. Lionswood Teak Cutting Board Medium Size Dalstrong

Lionswood Teak Cutting Board | Medium Size | Dalstrong

Featuring sustainably sourced, Tropical Teak wood, and paired handsomely with satin-finished steel handles, the Dalstrong Teak Cutting board functions as your all-purpose chopping, slicing, and serving board. Meticulously hand-crafted from end-grain wood and filled with rich moisturizing oils, Teak is a luxury wood naturally resistant to water, bacteria, and staining.


  • Sustainable and eco-friendly with sustainably sourced Tropical Teak wood.
  • End-grain construction prevents gouging and offers a slip-resistant surface.
  • Resistant to warping, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Doubles as a serving board with two steel handles and a curved cut-out for easy ingredient transfer.


  • Teak wood is quite traditional in appearance, so if you’re looking for something a bit more electric in appearance, I suggest the Fibre Cutting Board.
  • This board requires regular maintenance and oiling to preserve its natural beauty.

2. Fibre Cutting Board Infinity Series Medium Size Obsidian Black Dalstrong

Fibre Cutting Board Infinity Series | Medium Size | Obsidian Black | Dalstrong

Crafted with premium wood-fiber engineering, the Dalstrong Infinity Series cutting board is a chef's reliable companion in the kitchen. In sleek Obsidian Black, it combines durability and sophistication for all your chopping, slicing, and serving needs. The eco-friendly wood-fiber composite construction sets it apart from other cutting boards, offering superior functionality, ease of use, and easy maintenance.


  • Premium wood-fiber composite construction for durability and functionality.
  • Non-slip silicone feet keep the board stable during use.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean, with a smooth surface that resists water absorption.
  • Features a premium G10 serving handle for elegant presentations.


  • Not suitable for hot surfaces, as the wood may be damaged by direct heat.
  • This board is not everyone’s cup of tea as it’s quite bold in appearance. 

3. Lionswood Colossal Teak Cutting Board Dalstrong

Lionswood Colossal Teak Cutting Board | Dalstrong

The slip-resistant surface of this Lionswood Colossal Teak cutting board protects your knives and ensures long-lasting sharpness. With its impressive thickness and resistance to warping, it is an ideal choice for professional kitchens and wet environments. This board also doubles as a chopping block and features two steel handles for easy carrying and serving. The underside has a curved cut-out for convenient scraping and transferring of ingredients.


  • Crafted from sustainably sourced Tropical Teak wood for a luxurious and durable cutting board.
  • End-grain construction prevents gouging and offers a slip-resistant surface.
  • Substantial size and thickness provide ample cutting space and resistance to warping.
  • Two steel handles make carrying and serving easy.


  • The colossal size may not be suitable for kitchens with limited counter space.
  • The weight of the board may be heavy for some users.

4. Teak Cutting Board Large Size Horizontal Grain Dalstrong

Teak Cutting Board Large Size | Horizontal Grain | Dalstrong

Elevate your culinary skills with the Large Primal Teak Cutting Board. Crafted from sustainably sourced Tropical Teak wood, this board is designed to enhance your kitchen experience. As time passes, the board's natural beauty only deepens. Lasered measurement lines on the bottom ensure precision while cutting vegetables, cheese, pasta, and more. Adorned with 2 Dalstrong Lion Head Pins and the laser-etched Dalstrong logo, this board makes a statement both in the kitchen and at the table.


  • Ideal size for larger everyday chopping tasks, providing ample space for chopping, slicing, and serving.
  • The durable and precision-oriented design maintains the sharpness of your knives.
  • Features a long juice groove to contain the mess and keep your countertops clean.
  • Crafted from sustainably sourced Tropical Teak wood known for its moisture resistance and durability.


  • The large size may not be suitable for kitchens with limited counter space.
  • Requires regular maintenance and oiling to preserve the beauty and longevity of the wood, so if you’re a busy bee, this could seem like a hefty task. 

5. Cutting Board with Rubberwood Stand

Cutting Board with Rubberwood Stand Call of Duty © Edition | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR BOARD | Dalstrong

Prepare yourself for advanced culinary operations and elevate your cooking skills with the Dalstrong Call of Duty® series. Experience the premium materials and the immersive look and feel of Call of Duty gear in your kitchen.


  • Portable and compact design, ideal for small kitchens or chefs on the move.
  • Premium European Beech wood construction with a laser-etched topographical pattern for a stylish and unique appearance.
  • Exceptional scratch and impact resistance, ensuring the longevity of your knives.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, offering a hygienic cutting surface for your culinary needs.


  • This cutting board's size may not be suitable for large food preparation.
  • This board needs to be hand-washed only, so that could add a few minutes to your day in terms of maintenance. 

7. Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of cutting boards?

The three types of cutting boards are wood, plastic, and bamboo, each with its own benefits and considerations.

What is the best shape for cutting board?

The best shape for a cutting board is subjective, but rectangular cutting boards are commonly preferred due to their versatility and larger surface area.

How thick should a cutting board be?

The ideal thickness for a cutting board is typically around 1 inch, providing a balance between durability and ease of use.


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Aesthetically Pleasing Cutting Board Designs For You

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