Finding The Best Apron For Women


A kitchen apron is a practical and thoughtful gift for any woman who loves to cook. Whether she's a professional top chef or a home cook, aprons with pockets and sturdy fabric will help protect her clothes and make her time in the kitchen more enjoyable. 

And, with so many options available, I’m here to walk you through finding the perfect apron to suit your style and personality.

1. Evolution of Women’s Aprons Through Time

Navy blue kitchen apron with brown straps next to kitchen knives and sliced vegetablesAmerican Legend Blue Denim Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong

Women's kitchen aprons have evolved over time from practical garments to fashionable accessories. From the early days of homemaking, women's kitchen aprons with pockets have been used to protect their clothes from stains and dirt while they cook, clean, or work in the garden. Today, aprons have become a style statement and women wear them not just for practical reasons but also to express their personality and sense of fashion.

Let’s Take It Back In Time

The history of women's kitchen aprons dates back to the Middle Ages when they are made of heavy materials like wool or linen cross. These aprons were practical and durable, and they were designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. In the 18th century, aprons became more fashionable, and women started to wear them as status symbols. The aprons were often made of silk or embroidered linen apron and were decorated with lace or ribbons.

In the 19th century, women's kitchen aprons are used by those who worked in factories or farms. These aprons were made of sturdy materials like denim or cotton canvas and were designed to protect the workers' clothes from dirt and grime. Women who worked in the kitchen or as maids also wore aprons made of cotton or linen cross. These aprons were functional and were designed to cover the entire dress, protecting it from stains and spills.

How Aprons Soon Became A Fashion Statement

During the 20th century, women's kitchen aprons became more fashionable, with a focus on design and style. Women started to wear aprons as part of their outfits and designers started to create aprons that were useful and fashionable. The 1950s saw the rise of the kitchen apron for women, which was designed with pockets and bright, bold prints. Aprons for cooking became popular gifts for housewives and mothers, and they were often embroidered with the name apron of the recipient.

In recent years, women's aprons for cooking have continued to evolve, with a focus on practicality and fashion. Today, aprons for cooking come in a wide range of styles and designs, from classic aprons bib to modern cross back aprons. The materials used to make aprons for cooking have also evolved, with a focus on natural fibers like cotton and linen cross. 

The Evolution of Women's Aprons

Adjustable aprons have become popular as well, with neck straps and waist ties that allow the wearer to customize the fit. Adjustable aprons for cooking with pockets have become more common, providing a convenient place to store utensils or a phone.

The use of women's aprons for cooking has also expanded beyond the kitchen. Women wear aprons while gardening, crafting, and even while working as baristas or bartenders. Aprons have become an essential accessory for many women, providing both practicality and style. In addition to traditional aprons for cooking, pinafore-style kitchen apron for women have also become popular, with a focus on ruffles and feminine details.

The evolution of women's aprons for cooking over time is a reflection of the changing roles of women in society. From practical garments to fashionable accessories, aprons have been developed to meet the requirements of modern women's kitchen aprons. 

Today, most women wear aprons not just for practical reasons but also as a way to show their personality and form. With a focus on design, functionality, and natural materials, women's kitchen aprons continue to evolve for women of all ages.

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2. The Best Apron Materials And Styles To Look For

Green camouflage kitchen apron on a brown background next to chef knives and chopped peppersThe Kitchen Rambo Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong

Aprons are an essential accessory for anyone who loves to cook, bake, garden, or engage in any messy activity. When it comes to selecting an apron, the material and style are important factors to consider. Here are some of the best apron materials and styles to look for:


  • Cotton- Cotton is a popular material for aprons because it is pulpy, breathable, and easy for safekeeping. Cotton aprons come in a range of colors and styles, from classic aprons to modern cross back aprons.
  • Linen- Linen is a durable, lightweight fabric that is perfect for aprons. Linen cross aprons are breathable and absorbent, making them a great choice for cooking and apron baking.
  • Denim- Denim is a heavy-duty fabric that is both durable and stylish. Denim aprons are perfect for messy activities like gardening and woodworking.
  • Canvas- Cotton canvas is a sturdy, heavyweight fabric that is ideal for aprons. cotton canvas aprons are perfect for outdoor activities like grilling or camping.
  • Leather- Leather aprons are durable and stylish, and they provide excellent protection from stains and spills. Leather aprons are perfect for professional top chef and serious home cooks.


    • Bib Apron- Bib aprons are the most common style of kitchen aprons. They cover the front pockets of the body, from the chest down to the knees. Bib aprons are great for protecting clothes from stains and spills.
    • Cross back Apron- Cross back kitchen aprons have straps that cross over the back, providing excellent support and comfort. They are perfect for people who find that traditional neck straps cause discomfort.
    • Waist Apron- Waist kitchen aprons are shorter than bib aprons, and they tie around the waist. They are awesome for some who want to keep their clothes clean but don't need full coverage.
    • Pinafore Apron- Pinafore kitchen aprons have a more feminine look, with ruffles and bows. They are ideal for some who want a stylish apron that still provides protection from spills and stains.
    • Chef Apron- Top chef aprons are designed for professional aprons for chefs and serious home cooks. They are usually made of heavyweight fabrics like cotton canvas or leather, and they have lots of pockets for storing tools and utensils.
    • Apron Dress For Women - An apron dress for women is a versatile and stylish garment that combines the functionality of an apron with the fashionable look of a dress. This unique piece of clothing is designed to provide full coverage to the front pockets and back of the body, making it ideal for home cooks, aprons for chefs, or anyone who needs to protect their clothing from spills and stains.

    Apron dresses for women come in a broad of forms, colors, and tools to suit different tastes and preferences. Some popular options include denim, cotton, linen cross, and even leather. The design of the dress allows for freedom of movement, making it comfortable to wear for long periods. Additionally, some apron dresses feature adjustable straps, which allow for a customizable fit.

    In addition to their practicality, apron dresses for women are also fashionable and can be worn as a single piece or stacked with other clothing. They are perfect for casual occasions or can be dressed up for more formal events. Overall, an apron dress is a stylish and functional addition to any woman's apron wardrobe.

    When selecting an apron, it is important to consider both the material and the style. Cotton, linen, denim, cotton canvas, and leather are all great materials to look for. Bib, cross back, waist, pinafore, and chef aprons are all popular styles that provide different levels of coverage and support. By selecting the right material and style, you can find an apron that is both functional and fashionable.

      3. How To Maintain and Care For Your Women’s Apron

      Black leather kitchen apron on a wooden floor next kitchen knives and chopped vegetablesThe Culinary Commander Top-Grain Leather Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong

      1. Regular washing. It's important to wash your kitchen apron regularly, especially if you wear it frequently. Check the care instructions on your apron to determine the best washing method. For aprons made from cotton, linen cross, or a cotton blend, machine washing in cold water and tumble drying on low heat are typically recommended.
      2. Stain removal. Promptly treating any stains on your apron is important to prevent them from setting in. Use a stain remover or pre-treat the stain with a blend of baking soda and water prior to washing. For stubborn stains, consider using a natural cleaning infusion such as lemon juice or white vinegar.
      3. Ironing. Ironing your apron on a low heat setting can help keep it looking crisp and wrinkle-free. Be sure to examine the care direction on your apron to determine the appropriate ironing temperature. Aprons made from linen cross or cotton may require a higher heat setting.
      4. Storage. Proper storage of your apron is crucial to prevent wrinkles and damage. Hang your apron on a hook or hanger or fold it neatly and store it in a drawer. Avoid storing your apron in direct sunlight or damp areas, as this can cause discoloration or mildew.
      5. Repairs. If your kitchen apron becomes torn or damaged, repairing it promptly can prevent the damage from getting worse. Use a thread and needle or fabric glue to repair any small holes or tears. For larger or more complicated repairs, consider taking your apron to a professional.


      Aprons with pockets may require extra attention during washing to ensure that any food debris or stains are removed from the pockets. Aprons with delicate fabrics, such as floral kitchen aprons made from linen cross or cotton, may require hand washing or dry cleaning to prevent damage.

      4. Why Women’s Aprons Are Ideal As Mother’s Day Gift 

      A photo of the American Legend Blue Denim Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong along side with three Dalstrong knives on top of a wooden table.The Gandalf Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong

      Looking for a perfect Mother's Day gift for mom? If your mother loves to cook or spend time in the garden, why not surprise her with a beautiful and functional apron dress? This stylish and practical accessory has become increasingly popular among women, and it's no wonder why! Apron dresses for women (or kitchen aprons) are a great way to protect clothes from stains and spills while adding a touch of fashion to any outfit.

      If your mother is a top chef or a home cook, consider getting her a top chef apron or a  cotton canvas apron with pockets. These types of kitchen apron for women are sturdy and practical, with plenty of space to store utensils and tools. If your mother prefers a more feminine look, a floral or linen cross apron might be the perfect choice.

      When selecting an apron, consider the material and style that best suits your mother's needs and personal taste. Whether she's cooking apron up a storm or working in the garden, a stylish and functional apron dress is sure to make her feel special on Mother's Day. 

      For professional chefs or home cooks who take their craft seriously, aprons designed specifically for cooking are a must-have. Look for options with sturdy fabrics that can withstand spills and splatters, as well as adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. And don't forget those pockets! Many cooking aprons come with multiple pockets to keep tools and ingredients close at hand.

      For women who prefer more stylish aprons for cooking, floral aprons are a great choice. From bold, bright prints to subtle, muted designs, there's a floral apron to suit every taste. Look for options with ruffles, lace, or other decorative elements to add a touch of femininity to the kitchen.

      5. Recommended Dalstrong Women’s Aprons

      1. Blue Denim Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong

      American Legend Blue Denim | Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron | Dalstrong

        This Dalstrong Blue Denim Apron with Genuine Leather accents is a high-quality, handcrafted apron for chefs and home cooks who desire versatility and durability. Made from 100% blue denim cotton, this apron features a distinct grey stripe for superior hold and thick top and bottom hems to maintain its shape.


        • Made from high-quality, durable 100% blue denim cotton
        • Distinct grey stripe provides superior hold
        • Three front pockets provide ample storage


        • Appears at a higher price, but this kitchen apron is an investment for any home cook.
        • Only comes in one color option (blue denim)

        2. Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong

        The Gandalf Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron | Dalstrong

          This Dalstrong Poly-Cotton and Genuine Leather Apron is designed to provide the ultimate combination of functionality and style for women who are serious about their aprons for cooking game. 


          • Made with high-quality substance that is long-lasting and durable.
          • Comfortable and lightweight to use for extended periods.
          • Multiple pockets provide ample storage for cooking tools and personal belongings.
          • Customized fit for women who crave versatility and functionality in aprons for cooking.
          • Unique and stylish design that stands out in any kitchen.


          • Leather accents may require special care to maintain their appearance over time.
          • Some users may need to adjust the neck or waist straps for a more comfortable fit.

          3. Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong

          The Kitchen Rambo Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron | Dalstrong

            Made with 100% Poly-Cotton and Genuine Leather for extra durability and comfort. It is handcrafted with ultra-premium materials to ensure a long-lasting and functional design. Still, need some convincing? 


            • Made with high-quality and durable materials for extra longevity.
            • Versatile design that caters to the needs of professional aprons for chefs and home cooks alike.
            • Many pockets for easy-to-retrieve tools and personal belongings.
            • The apron has a polished and stylish appearance.
            • Uniquely designed with custom leather engravings and fixings, giving it a distinct look.


            • The apron may not be suitable for individuals who prefer a more lightweight and less bulky design.
            • This apron requires an extra bit of care when cleaning. 

            6. Frequently Asked Questions

              What are the two types of aprons?

              The two types of kitchen apron for women are bib aprons and waist aprons.

              What are the advantage of using an apron?

              Wearing aprons for cooking protects clothing, prevents contamination, and provides storage for tools and utensils.

              What is a waist apron called?

              A waist apron is also called a half apron or server apron.

              What is a Japanese apron called?

              A Japanese apron is called a ‘Maekake’ or ‘work apron.


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