Everything You Need to Know About the Nakiri Knife

Shogun Series X 6in Nakiri Knife

Any chef or home cook worth their salt knows just how vital the nakiri knife is.

That’s because nakiris chop up vegetables with an unparalleled level of precision. The word “nakiri” can be broken down to “na” meaning ‘leaf’ in Japanese, and ‘kiri’ meaning ‘cutting’.

What Are the Best Nakiri Knives?

Despite their general level of effectiveness, these knives aren't all made the same. You should consider certain factors before making your selection.

The best nakiri knives have the following attributes:

Blade Type

Choose knives that have high carbon steel blades. High carbon steel maintains its sharpness guaranteeing your knife’s durability. Additionally, knives made of this material don’t require much maintenance.

Blade Length

Ideally, these knives should have a blade length not exceeding 7 inches. This allows you to cut through vegetables with ease. Such a blade length reduces the number of cutting motions you need to make.

Handle Build

The best nakiri knives have a thoughtfully designed handle. Look for a knife with an ergonomic handle. It should align with the curve of your hand, offering a firm yet comfortable grip. Moreover, avoid knives with handles made of low-grade materials.

If you're looking for only the very best nakiri kitchen knives on the market, you should consider:

Let's examine what makes each of these nakiri knives a cut above the rest.

Dalstrong Shogun Series X Nakiri Knife

Shogun Series X 6 nakiri knife
Shogun Series X 6" Nakiri Knife

The best way to describe this Shogun knife is as a vegetable assassin. Given the 60-day painstaking handcrafted process it undergoes, this is no surprise.

This powerhouse features a razor-sharp blade that’s also wide. As such, you can easily scoop up and transfer chopped vegetables from the cutting board.

A single piece of high-carbon Damascus stainless steel is used to forge the blade. And not just any ordinary blade, but one that’s 55mm wide, acute at 10 degrees per side, and has a 7-inch blade length. To achieve this, the traditional Japanese Honbazuke 3-step method is employed.

Another outstanding aspect of this knife is its exquisite hammered tsuchime finish. While it makes for a striking look, this isn’t only a beautiful statement in craftsmanship. It also serves the purpose of reducing drag so as not to stick on food.

Moreover, it's exceptional at push-cut motion. This is a result of how well its nose, spine, and straight blade edge come together.

You’ll be glad to know that this nakiri retains its edge well, given the work and premium materials that go into it.

A powerful, sharp blade would be wasted if coupled with a dissatisfactory handle. Which is why this knife sports only the finest G-10 Garolite handle. It is meticulously constructed, and possesses the following characteristics:

  • Highly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture
  • Military-grade strength and life-long durability
  • Ergonomic handle shape for superior hand control, agility, and comfort
  • Carefully hand polished
  • Beautifully crafted copper mosaic pin adorning the center rivet for added distinction.

Customer Reviews

Our satisfied customers have this to say regarding the Dalstrong Shogun nakiri knife:

Shogun Series X 6 nakiri knife customer review
Shogun Series X 6" Nakiri Knife | Customer Review

Dalstrong Phantom Series Nakiri Knife

Phantom Series Nakiri 6 Vegetable Knife
Phantom Series Nakiri 6" Vegetable Knife

Next up is another vegetable assassin. Only this time, that’s from the perspective of one of our esteemed clients as you’ll see in the reviews below.

The Phantom nakiri vegetable knife’s design conveys a look of stealthy motion.

Pick it up for the first time, and you may very well think of a lion about to pounce on its unsuspecting prey. Turn it in your hand and a shadow racing through the dark, or a gust of wind blowing through the night come to mind.

Its arresting look is overshadowed only by its performance. While it stays true to the Japanese nakiri principle of delivering graceful cuts, its capability is heightened to a ruthless extent.

Its blade has the following characteristics:

  • A 6-inch blade length
  • Precision-forged from premium ice-tempered Japanese stainless steel
  • A Rockwell score of 58

Above the straight edge are divots running along the blade. These minimize friction, offering seamless cuts while reducing drag on the cutting board.

It doesn’t hurt that they give the knife an edgy yet elegant look too.

True to the traditions of Japanese knife artisanship, the blade on this nakiri is accentuated by embossed Japanese characters.

It’s only fitting that this Japanese knife comes with a Japanese pakkawood handle. Ordinarily, pakkawood may be susceptible to moisture. But at Dalstrong, “ordinary” isn’t part of our vocabulary.

Only the highest grade of imported pakkawood is used. This is then polished and laminated, making it impervious to moisture and bacteria.

Complimenting such a prime handle material is an ergonomic design. It ensures this knife fits snugly in your hand. A carefully crafted brass and copper ‘phantom’ mosaic adorn, the handle for a refined look.

Customer Reviews

Our satisfied customers have this to say regarding the Dalstrong Phantom nakiri knife:

Dalstrong Phantom nakiri knife Customer review
Phantom Series Nakiri 6" Vegetable Knife | Customer Review

Dalstrong Gladiator Series Nakiri Knife

Gladiator Series 7in Nakiri Knife
Gladiator Series 7" Nakiri Knife

Preparing lots of vegetables within a limited time can be a battle. In such a situation, you could very easily find your skills, expertise, and patience put to the test. The only way to win is to enlist a champion that will bring down anything standing in your way.

When the pressures of a demanding professional or home kitchen threaten to weigh you down, the Gladiator nakiri is the only hero you need.

As its name suggests, this double-bevel knife is designed to conquer. It combines elements of a chef’s knife with those of a vegetable cleaver.

The blade is made of ultra-premium ThyssenKrupp German stainless steel. This ensures an ultra-sharp edge with excellent wear and stain resistance.

Here are some of the blade’s distinctive features:

  • 7-inch blade length
  • Hand sharpened to 14-16 degrees per side
  • Beautiful hand-polished satin finish
  • Full tang for incredible robustness & quality
  • Easy cleaning for low maintenance

For maximum comfort, the handle is constructed from imported polished pakkawood. The handle is designed to offer a proper grip and maximum maneuverability.

Moreover, this nakiri has a mirror-polished, finger protective bolster. It offers perfectly engineered balance with just the right heft.

Customer Reviews

Our satisfied customers have this to say regarding the Dalstrong Gladiator nakiri knife:

Gladiator Series 7in Nakiri Knife Customer review
Gladiator Series 7" Nakiri Knife Customer Review

Dalstrong Phantom Series Paring Knife

Phantom Series 4in Paring Knife
Phantom Series 4" Paring Knifee

The Phantom paring knife packs a great deal of power for its size. It is well-suited for

  • coring, mincing, and peeling fruits and vegetables;
  • slicing shallots, herbs or cloves of garlic; 
  • detailed, controlled cutting, such as cutting shapes, or vents into dough; and 
  • scoring patterns/designs on surfaces of food.

Its 4-inch blade length is slightly longer than average. This offers you a slightly larger slicing surface area to work with.

Combined, these factors make this knife as capable as any nakiri Japanese knife and as indispensable as a chef’s knife.

Moreover, the blade consists of Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel. Each blade is handcrafted and beautifully engraved with the Dalstrong name. The Japanese kanji for ‘phantom’ or ‘ghost’ is incorporated in the engraving as well.

The pakkawood handle incorporates a traditional Japanese D-shaped design. This ensures you enjoy a firm yet snug fit.

A carefully crafted brass and copper ‘phantom spirit’ mosaic adorns the handle. This distinctive look is further complemented by an attractive red spacer.

Ultimately, this knife achieves a fine balance between form and function. This makes it as agile as it is elegant.

Customer Reviews

Our satisfied customers have this to say regarding the Dalstrong Phantom paring knife:

Dalstrong Phantom paring knife Customer Review
Phantom Series 4" Paring Knife | Customer Review

Elevate Your Culinary Experience With Dalstrong

If you take your craft as seriously as we do ours, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than exceptional. Using substandard kitchen equipment is a grave disservice to yourself, and all who partake of your culinary offerings.

Whatever your needs may be, and regardless of your preferred blade length, we’ve got the nakiri knife for you.

When you choose Dalstrong kitchen knives, you’re doing more than merely making a purchase. You’re enhancing everything you do to deliver phenomenal dishes that impress.

Dalstrong knives have gained eminence for how well they handle an array of kitchen tasks. And that’s because our knives are akin to a natural extension of your hand, working harmoniously alongside you.

Invest in a Dalstrong nakiri knife today and enjoy:

  • Exceptional performance
  • Refined craftsmanship 
  • Great value for money
  • Free shipping (within 48 contiguous US states)
  • Excellent customer support.

Everything You Need to Know About the Nakiri Knife

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